Scented Oil - Cherry Vanilla


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This is for a .5 ounce bottle of scented oil.  These oils are 100% pure.  They can be used with the Candlelight Rocks to make them a scented candle.

Make sure you light the candle for 10 minutes or so.  The wick holder is actually made of glass.  Once this glass piece gets hot you are ready to apply the scent.  Take an eyedropper and drop 4-5 drops of the scented oil directly on the glass wick holder.  You should almost hear it sizzle.  If the glass is not warm enough, no enough of the scent will be released. 

This will burn for 45 minutes or so.  After that, the scent burns off.  You can reapply a different scent or the same scent.  There is no need to clean the wick holder.  All of the scent applied will burn off.  You can completely control the amount of scent in your room; fewer drop less scent.