Renaissance Festivals we attend:

Bristol  (WI) Renaissance Faire - 12550 120th Ave, Kenosha, WI (847) 395-7773 July thru Aug.

    Building 28


Michigan Renaissance Festival  -  12600 Dixie Hwy, Holly, MI (248) 634-5552  Aug.  thru Oct.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival - 12364 Chestnut Blvd, Shakopee, MN (952) 445-7361 Aug. thru Oct.

Texas Renaissance Festival - 21778 Farm to Market 1774, Todd Mission, TX (800) 458-3435 Oct. thru Nov.

Thank you so much for coming to visit us at the festivals.  We are looking to add a few more so like us on Facebook to keep up on where we are planning to be with our products.