Candlelight Rock Instructions:

Directions for Use and Info for Safety for Candlelight Rocks

We recommend pure paraffin oil (like Ultra-Pure brand) as it is scent-free and smoke free. To fill your Candlelight Rock remove the wick and the glass wick holder (together) and carefully insert the oil inside the reservoir. Always pour lamp oil through a funnel or measuring cup with a pouring spout.

Replace glass wick holder (with the wick) back into the oil filled Candlelight Rock making sure that approximately 1/8” of the wick is sticking out of the top of the wick holder. The shorter the wick, the less ash and smoke residue. However, a longer wick might be more desirable in certain conditions, such as windy days/outdoor use. This will help prevent the loss of the flame.

For optimum performance allow the wick to stand in the oil-filled Candlelight Rock for approximately two (2) minutes before lighting. This allows for the wick saturation of the oil. If smoke or ash residue occurs, extinguish the flame and, after cooling, shorten the wick by pushing some of the wick slighting into the reservoir. The wick should be 1/8” above the wick holder.


Fragrance Oils may be obtained from your local craft store, specialty shop or bath shop, and applied to the area around the wick holder only (do not pour into reservoir). These oils are designed to be warmed by placing it on the glass holder. Light the wick for approximately 10 minutes. Then, using and eye dropper, place several drops of the scent directly on the glass wick holder. The scent should be immediately noticed. If not, either the glass is not hot enough or you may need a few more drops. This scent will dissipate in approximately 40 minutes. You can then reapply the same or different scent or apply nothing. There is no need to clean the glass.


  • Allow glass holder to cool before handling.

  • Keep AWAY from children

  • Never leave lighted Candlelight Rock unattended.

  • Store extinguished Candlelight Rock in a cool, flat place away from open flame and/or heat or in its gift box.

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